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Site Sustainability

LEAN Flexibles is proud to be part of The Greenfields Industrial Park, a £4 million scheme to develop Hinckley and Bosworth's first 'Green' Enterprise Park.

This has utilised the latest in sustainable building technology to create a BREEAM rated 'Very Good' estate.

  • Cedar Timber Cladding - providing a lower 'carbon footprint' by utilising re-usable and sustainable materials.
  • Living 'green' roof planted with sedum (low-growing, succulents) - providing a high level of insulation, reducing energy costs and cutting rainfall run-off by up to 90 per cent.
  • Wind turbines on office building – providing a sustainable source of energy.
  • Low emissions from heating system, efficient thermal properties supported by pleasant working environment.
  • Permeable paving - reducing rainwater run-off.
  • Water efficient sanitary ware to reduce water consumption.
  • Built to a high specification to minimise wear and subsequent replacement of materials